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I appreciate you for taking the time to check out my website! My name is Iman, I'm the owner and creator behind this growing black woman owned business! I have been practicing yoga since 2014. I received my 200 hour certification in April of 2017. My background with yoga has been one of triumph and transformation. I began this journey simply out of curiosity. During my senior year of high school and the first couple of years in college, I was in and out of the hospital a couple of times due to having anxiety attacks. One day I saw my campus gym was offering yoga classes and I was looking for something to help with my mental health and well being. I started taking classes and this led to life altering experiences. I have been able to go from having crippling anxiety and being exhausted most of the time to feeling more energized & learning more about the connection between mind, body and spirit. I ventured out to start my own business around late 2018.  IBDivine® is designed to assist others in the realms of intimacy, self love, mental/physical health plus more, utilizing the practice of yoga, reiki and other holistic healing modalities. I do more than just Yoga in my sessions but I personally believe that the meaning of the word, which is Union, encompasses the intention behind my business. I am here to offer services that will assist my clients in developing tools that will allow them to integrate peace, healing, harmony and balance into their everyday lives. IBDivine is about teaching those that I work with to tap into their innate power.  Whether you are experiencing discomfort or simply want to improve your relationship with self and your partner, IBDivine® provides a safe, fun and friendly environment to do so. I look forward to working with you!



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