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  • How do I get into a class? Registration is under the Events page. You will go straight there to purchase your ticket. If it is sold out it wont be available for registration. 

  • How much is your IBDivine Couples Yoga Class? My prices will be increasing starting in June. Couples Class for local Atlanta session is $185 per couple. Live Virtual is $175. There is a pre recorded video of this class under the "videos" page, it is $165. My tour tickets will always be more due to travel expenses. 

  • How many tickets do i need for IBDivine Couples Yoga class? only 1 ticket per couple is needed. 

  • Can I book a private IBDivine couples yoga session? Yes. you can send a request to book a private session with me under the "private sessions" tab. If you want to book me for an event outside of my regular classes (i.e. private group class, couples retreat) Please send your inquiry to my email and put "Event Inquiry" in the subject line please.  

  • Where are you located? I am located in Atlanta, GA and I conduct virtual classes via zoom. I have a IBDivine Couples Yoga Tour as well so I do travel. 

  • Is this class offered anywhere else? I am not sure of any couples yoga classes in other places but this one in particular was created by the owner of IBDVINE. You won't get this specific class anywhere else unless someone has taken my content. 

  • Are your classes LGBTQ friendly? yes, there is no discrimination 

  • How can I stay updated on your upcoming classes/events? You can subscribe to my mailing list through the form at the bottom of this page and follow my Facebook or Instagram business pages. My social media links are at the bottom as well. The contact form is used when you are submitting a question. 

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